•                    South Plainfield Athletic Training:

                                               Home Of The Tigers!


                                          Athletic Trainer:

                                          Eddie Giroux, A.T.C.

                                                 908-754-4620 X548



                                                  Team Physician's:

                                                  Dr. Patricia DiCarlo

                                                  Dr. Marc Silberman


                                         Mission Statement:

    It is the goal of the athletic trainer to provide the highest quality of medical care for the student-athletes at South Plainfield High School.  The athletic trainer will provide medical care for the student-athletes in the following manner: injury prevention, emergency care, proper medical referral and treatment for illnesses, injuries and or conditions affecting the physical well being of the student-athletes. We believe the best way to achive a higher standard of medical care is by also educating the athletes, parents, and coaches in all spectrums of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine.