Welcome to the Office of Educational Technology!
Mrs. Annemarie Stoeckel
Supervisor of Technology and Library Media
Contact Information:
Phone: (908) 754-4620 Ext. 370
E-mail: astoeckel@spboe.org
Location: Administration Building, First Floor

Technology Mission:

It is the mission of educational technology to educate all students in response to diverse community expectations by ensuring relevant and focused educational programs that will prepare responsible and creative individuals to become productive citizens in a global society with life-long learning skills.

Technology Vision:

Our students will use technology to access, retrieve, and use information from school, community, national and international resources. Students will engage in blended learning as an integral tool to enhance their academic and nonacademic development. Students and staff will utilize digital resources as a means to scaffold learning for all students. A technology leadership team will stay informed about model programs and initiatives as it relates to a technology-infused curriculum. Technology and digital resources will play a significant role in ensuring that the curriculum, instruction and assessment practices will provide our students with rich, relevant, and authentic 21st century learning experiences.