* Faculty should change passwords using their DISTRICT issued laptop to avoid password synchronization issues.
* Passwords in an expired state can **ONLY** be changed from within the SPBOE network on a PC.
* Network Passwords do not expire for 90 days.
* Password changes should **NOT** be performed on a Chromebook or through the Google environment.
* Changed passwords immediately synchronize to Google.
* Update credentials on any other personal devices accessing SPBOE network resources.
To change a network password at any time while logged in to any **DISTRICT** Windows computer:
   - Press ( CTRL + ALT + Del ) or ( CTRL + ALT + Ins ) in some computer labs.
   - Select the 'Change Password' button.
   - Enter the current OLD password, choose a NEW password, and then confirm it.
Faculty members can change a network password from OUTSIDE the district using Outlook WebApp:
   - Using a supported web browser, log in to the Outlook WebApp site at https://mailbox.spboe.org/owa
   - Select 'Options' at the upper right of the screen and select 'Change your password...'
   - Fill in the fields on the next page and click the Save button.
For assistance with technical issues click the Technology Work Request link on the district website at http://www.spboe.org.