Internet Safety Letter

Internet Safety Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Internet safety is part of South Plainfield School District’s ongoing instructional programming. In light of recent reports of online challenges for children and teens, teachers will again address these matters in age appropriate language for all Kindergarten through 12th Grade students.  In the coming days, District teachers will discuss the importance of internet safety with their students. They will also alert students as to what to do if they see or experience something on the internet that scares them or directs them to do something harmful to themselves or their family members. 

This recent online challenge is just one example of the dangers that exist on the internet and, unfortunately, these challenges can lead students to engage in dangerous and harmful behaviors.  The district employs a number of safety procedures while students are utilizing computer and web based programs in school, some of which are available to you at home. You can learn more about keeping your child safe online at This site includes information on establishing parental controls and web filters on your child’s devices along with many other links that can help promote internet safety at home.

The most effective way to keep your child safe online is by maintaining an open dialogue. We ask that you continue to speak about internet safety and monitor usage at home. Here are some dos and don’ts that teachers will be reviewing with your child this week.


  • Do not post personal information online (name, age, birth date, address, telephone number, or school name).
  • Always let your parents know what sites you are visiting on the internet so that they can review the site prior.
  • If you see something that scares you on a site or makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult.
  • Do not send any inappropriate photos or messages through email, text, or apps.
  • Do not post your plans and activities online.
  • Do not post entries that make it clear that no one is home with you.
  • Do not join online groups or games without talking to your parents.
  • Do not meet with someone you met online.
  • Do not post hurtful or inappropriate messages. If someone else posts hurtful or inappropriate messages, do not respond. Tell a teacher, parent or other adult.
  • Do not click on any link that you do not know or you are not sure is legitimate.
  • Do not buy any “apps” or “in app” purchases without talking to your parents or guardian.
  • Do not enable any location services.


  • Do remember that people can lie online and say they are someone they are not.
  • Do save messages that upset you and show them to your parents, guardians.
  • Do share your password with your parents.

Thank you for supporting our efforts in keeping students safe online. Your child’s guidance counselor is available to answer any questions you may have.


Noreen Lishak, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools

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