Middle School Band          

         On Friday, May 9, members of the South Plainfield Middle School Music Department participated in the Music Showcase Festival in Allentown, PA.  It was a beautiful day, and the students performed exceptionally well.  At this festival, the musical ensembles played for adjudication in downtown Bethlehem and then spent the rest of the day at Dorney Park. 

The ensembles are given a rating at festivals: Good, Excellent, or Superior with the latter as the highest rating possible.  The Middle School Orchestra won first place with a rating of superior in the Full Orchestra category. 

The GEMS won first place in the Women’s Chorus division with a rating of superior.  Additionally, the soprano section won a section award.  The 8th Grade Concert Choir won second place with a rating of superior.  Makayla Sosa also received an award for an outstanding solo. 

The Middle School Concert Band also won second place in the Concert Band division with a rating of superior.  Additionally, Isabella Rochford won an award for a high-quality solo during the performance. 

Mr. Veiss, Mrs. Livecchi, and Miss Maddolin and the administration of the Middle School are proud of the students’ accomplishments and expect them to continue to do well in the future.