The Birth of a Team

October 10, 2014
The Birth of a Team at SPHS: South Plainfield High School Robotics Team
robotics team  
And so a team was born today, as 40 students and 3 advisors kicked-off the first meeting of the newly formed First Robotics Team of South Plainfield High School (SPHS), home of the “Tigers.” The rookie team will begin building a robot for the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff during the first Saturday in January, 2015, when the official competition challenge is released to all First Robotics Teams nationwide. For the following six weeks and three days, the team will dedicate every spare moment to “the build” for the regional competition day. But before January, the team has much to do to get ready; from active planning and executing fundraising activities, to cultivating local business sponsorships, gaining local and community leadership support, and securing much-needed volunteers for help along the way.

Thus far, the creation of our Robotics Team has been a joint effort and has been made possible by the collective efforts of many. From Board of Education and school community members, to folks from the surrounding community, many have helped us get to this point. A special thank you must be sent to Team 75 in Hillsborough, along with Mr. Carmine Rizzo, for helping us along our new journey. We are excited for the opportunity this Team will afford our students, not only in the STEM courses, but in cross-curricular, 21st Century themes throughout. We look forward to a growing and continued relationship with the entire community moving forward.